Caru is a purple Wheelie Bike. He's very arrogant and full of himself, thinking he's always right. This causes other people not to like him very much. He's a jerk and holds grudges against a lot of people.

Need for Speed Edit

Caru, being a Wheelie Bike, likes to ride around, especially at very fast speeds. When he reaches a certain speed, he becomes invincible until slowed down. If he goes too fast on a certain kind of speed, his wheel starts to burn or get hot. It might even catch flame. Caru sometimes gains momentum by riding back and forth until his turns are jumps, then starts out very fast.

Attack Edit

Caru's attacks are very limited. He can ram into an enemy, or fire tires at them. The ability of letting loose his old tire and getting a new one is very useful, however, because it can be used in different ways.

For example, Caru and go on his "back" so he has his wheel next to his old one. Then, he reves up, making the old wheel gain a lot of speed. When he reaches a good speed, he lets go and the wheel rams into the enemy. An also useful tactic he hasn't used yet is to go a certain speed and let the tire go aflame. Then release the flaming tire at the enemy. This is good for refreshment (the heat hurts him, you know) and makes for a good attack.

Freedom Edit

Caru, even though he's a Wheelie Bike, hates being ridden on. He will refuse to let anyone ride him, and try to get them off immediately. Only in life threatening situations will he let someone ride him.

According to Caru, he wants to get rid of the saddle and just be a regular Wheelie. He's tried many antics to try to remove it, but they all ended up in Caru getting extremely hurt. This made Caru have to accept his "disability".

Trivia Edit

  • Caru is skilled at riding on multiple wheels stacked up on each other.
  • When underwater, flaps come out from Caru's wheel to make swimming a lot easier. All he has to do is eject a his wheel in the water and gain a wheel with flaps on them and vise versa.