Name: Chihiro Yamada

Faction: Good

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Appearance: Standing at just 4 foot 10, with strawberry blonde hair and green eyes. Wears her school uniform normally at school, out and about casually she wears a general ensemble of a short-sleeved blouse, a light jacket, a skirt, knee-high boots (to look taller than she actually is) and a poofy newsboy cap. Colours vary, as her family has a big thing about that.

Personality: Nursing a complex over her height, Chihiro strives to the best in anything she's a part of. She mostly keeps to herself and is reserved even around friends, until someone inevitably does or says something that reminds her of her height (from reaching something she can't or, a personal pet peeve, petting her head), at which point she either moans or explodes.

History: Chihiro is of the newest generation of the main branch family of the Sundancers, an ancient clan of mages who can manipulate the light of the sun itself with their magic. Every Sundancer has a different ability; it is uncommon for those whose powers have manifested to have the same one. Chihiro's father is a healer, and his mother could create solid walls of light.

Chihiro was trained from an early age by her grandmother for this time, when the Demon Lord would walk again. At the age of 15, Chihiro was brought to her grandmother to try and manifest her powers, if she had any. They sparred until either Chihiro could not continue or her power manifested, and it finally did when she punched her grandmother through a wall of light with a searing hot fist, after her grandmother insulted her height. She has since been strictly trained to control both her power and temper (not that that's working).

Skills: Chihiro is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, being the toughest little girl in the school's martial arts club. Her grades are good except for Mathematics, which she's terrible at, and Literature, which she's quite good in.

Magic: Chihiro's Sundance manifests itself as a brilliant, fiery coating of light she can project over her own body. Any blows she lands are augmented with fiery bursts of light that can set fire to objects and burn what they can't. The coating also dulls the impact on her, allowing her to hit harder with hurting herself. But, for these powers to work at their best, she must be standing in the full glare of the sun, with any less than optimal positioning weakening her magic right on down to being completely unusable in total darkness. The brighter the light from the sun and the more of it she's in, the stronger she is.