Name: Clare Albatross
Clare-no nonsense

Clare, looking randomly festive

Faction: Good

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Birthday: July 7

Appearance: Standing at a decidedly non-intimidating height of 5'3", Clare is a petite young woman who looks far below her age, younger than some teenagers. She has medium-length layered brown hair with (dyed) silver-streaked bangs flopping over her left eye. Both of her eyes are a deep blue and seem to sparkle with mischief most of the time. When not in her school uniform, she usually wears an angled dark blue skirt with long black stockings and black boots, as well as a white button-up shirt under a suit jacket and dark blue tie. But no matter what, she is always seen with a dark blue newsboy cap that has an albatross-shaped pin stuck in it.

Personality: Bubbly and cheerful to the point of seeming air-headed, Clare is extremely skilled at both deductive and inductive reasoning and shows an acute awareness of the world surrounding her that tends to shock people who think she's not paying attention when she points it out casually. She exudes a confident air that seem to boost other people's own confidence and is always clear regarding who she is and what she wants, generally being a very straightforward person.

History: A detective prodigy with a hazy past and often sought out for her skills, if one can find her, Clare has followed a private case to Japan on behalf of a close friend regarding a recent surge of seemingly non-human activities. After establishing herself there, Clare has made connections with the local Nishiyama police force, and though not an official member, is occasionally called in for help on some case or another, receiving any reports of particularly strange incidents in return. She finds herself growing increasingly suspicious of these incidents, and as the new school year starts, Clare decides that drastic measures need to be taken to get to the bottom of them.

So, she enrolled as a student in Shirota High a year before the start of the RP as a first year. Because it's fun. Clare is currently a second-year. She has a spotless academic record and is fairly popular among her peers. A model student.


-SHSL Detective: Clare is very good at investigating various things and getting information out of unwilling witnesses. Her reasoning skills are top-notch, and she has a good memory.

-Marksmanship: She's trained in firearms and has a license for them too. Pretty good at it.

Magic: Zip! Zippo! Zilch!