Name: Count Sanguine Silverbranch

Faction: Neutral

Species: Fairy (Royal)

Gender: Male

Age: 20 (old for a fairy of his status)

Birthday: November 2nd

Appearance: A little over two feet tall, pinkish skin, long pointed nose, and usually wears the fancy military uniform he’s technically unfit to wear. His otherwise beautiful wings have been shattered and are now useless. His uniform has a cape to it, and he definitely has a pocket watch somewhere on his person.

Personality: The only thing Sanguine hates more than humans is demons, and the only thing Sanguine hates more than demons is the Demon Lord. Sanguine doesn’t really have any friends or allies beyond his army, due to his radical views of ubiquitous destruction and uprising and his unpleasantly choleric temperament. He keeps space from his soldiers in order to maintain their respect and their views of him as a superior, so he doesn’t really hang out with them either. Truth be told he’s extremely lonely. 

History: Sanguine is the ancestor of Fern Silverbranch, a friendly fairy helper to the heroes who defeated the Demon Lord, who was unfortunately slain by Lord Mortem shortly after his children were born. Sanguine is well aware of this family history, and like the rest of the Silverbranches he doesn’t agree with the Fairy Queen’s decision to side with demons, though he despises humans almost as much for the presence of the “Outcasting”. He lost his wings in an attempt on the Fairy Queen's life and escaped to England, outside of the hot spots that fairies rarely venture out of. When the Demon Lord returned, Sanguine was able to learn the Demon Lord’s identity by intercepting one of the fairy messages Sila sent out.

Skills: Count Sanguine is a semi-decent general and a slightly more decent swordsman, but his real skill is in navigating the complexities of high society. Additionally, his blood is such a strong irritant that spilling any amount will nearly blind humans in his vicinity.

Magic: Like all royal fairies, Sanguine is bereft of magical power so long as mankind remains largely ignorant of magic.

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