Dark Matter is a boss from the Kirby games, and was the main villain of "Kirby's Dreamland 2", "Kirby's Dreamland 3", and "Kirby 64: and the Crystal Shards".

Dark Matter specifically refers to the black substance with many unique properties. Dark Matter can attack directly with a corrosive strength, possess targets to turn them against allies, possess treasure to summon monsters, and cause strange powers to arise in those who experience it frequently. Dark Matter itself is neither good nor evil.

Dark Matter exists in vast quantities outside the universes. Its presence is necessary for the structural integrity of dimensions, but is also responsible for its downfall. When Dark Matter detects interdimensional travel from universes, it splits the target universes into many pieces in an inefficient and ineffective attempt at stopping it, as Dark Matter opposes the unification of worlds. The first dimensional split was caused in response to a rapidly growing multi-galactic empire started by a Batamon named Kosaku.

Blood Eyes are white spheres with a bloody red eye on them. They are more intelligent than the Dark Matter itself, and can control it completely. They come in different sizes, personalities, and sometimes have unique powers, such as possession of blood tentacles as limbs. They are typically identified as 0^#. Blood Eyes are most definitely evil.

Project Dark StarEdit

In the Project Dark Star RP, Dark Matter was the main antagonist. Dark Matter caused a gigantic black comet to hurl towards Popstar, granted with enough power to destroy the planet completely. The comet was stopped with the use of "Star Bombs", powerful artifacts that Dark Matter was kind enough to provide portal leading straight to on the comet.

The Great Cave Offensive: RevisitedEdit

After Nathan removed John Esper's "Book of Knowledge" from its pedestal, Ippei, Captain Saevio, and Dark Matter were able to infilitrate the Great Cave Offensive, remove the Wehanian population, and Dark Matter took the cave for itself. Unlike Project Dark Star, the Blood Eyes commanding the Dark Matter in the cave were Minor Eyes. The one in Project Dark Star was significantly more powerful.

Due to the unfinished nature of the RP, Dark Matter's intentions with a cave full of Wehanian artifacts and Esper's inventions was never revealed. However, it was discovered that Blood Eyes can be destroyed with legendary artifacts, such as the Rainbow Sword. It was also shown that exposure to Dark Matter can result in strange powers developing, as shown by Exuro and his mastery over Dark Energy and his ability to produce black crystals, which he could bestow powers upon as well.