Name: Davis Kero
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Rank: Support Reaper
Appearance: Blond hair, brown eyes. Wears black gloves that don't cover his fingertips, and a really dark blue jacket. Wears a black shirt under it, with the Skull Symbol design on it in white. Jeans, with a chain hanging from his right pocket. Attached to the chain is a large amount of Player Pins (Pins with the mentioned Skull Symbol on them, possessed by all Players), with a cell phone at the end. The Cell phone is usually in his pocket, so the chain is a loop hanging from his waist. Wears black tennis shoes, VANS. Reaper wings stick out of his back while in the UG. (Note: Reaper Wings like this guys's. Most reapers have them.)
Personality: A mix of being cool, and trying to act cool. Laid-back, liking his somewhat carefree position in the UG (UnderGround, parallel version of the world where The Reaper's Game takes place) and his ability to go to the RG (RealGround) whenever he pleases. Unlike Harriers, who try and erase Players, Davis likes to help out Players. After all, the more Players there are, the more people he can send on errands to let them past his invisible walls.
History: Davis worked as a designer for pins, in the new hit-game being imported from Japan, called Tin Pin Slammer. However, late one night while drunk he got in a car accident. In his opinion, dying was the best thing that ever happened to him. In the UG, Davis has had several opportunities to rise in ranks, but declined, preferring to stay as a Support, much to the annoyance of his superiors.


  • Pins (Limitation: Can only use Unbranded pins)
    - Master Lockpin (Not featured in Pin List. Allows Support Reapers to set up Invisible Walls.)
    - Master Keypin (Not featured in Pin List. Allows Support Reapers to unlock Invisible Walls. Have varying levels, while the Master unlocks all walls.)
    - Tin Pin Sunscorch
    - Tin Pin Bahamut
    - Tin Pin Ringer (Original, made by Davis. Allows him to create a Ring of Fire, which damages people that touch it.)
    - Tin Pin Bomber (Original, made by Davis. Allows the user to launch a large fiery red bomb, which explodes on contact.)
    - Frog (Allows Davis to summon Frog noise. Has a different effect for Players.)
    - Sprog (Allows Davis to summon Sprog noise, which are tadpoles. Has a different effect for Players.)
  • 'Items':
    - Cell Phone (Sleek, black, picture phone.)
    - Player Pin Chain
    - Trendy Wallet
    - Crimson Chili
    - (CD Track 3) Three Minutes Clapping- CD Player