A side character in Mission: Chao Retry. Originally a guard to Hannah, and then to Hero Gardens, Duncan is a Gunslinger Power Hero Chao who's policy is to shoot first and ask questions later. He embodies the personality of an overzealous Hero Chao out to avenge Hannah's life by executing her killer... whoever it was. Duncan was just a guard at first, but later gained improtanct once he rallied the Hero and Neutral Chao against the Dark Chao, at the opprotune moment. He's not a great strategist; he just happened to be at the right place at the right time with the right gun.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

Duncan's Light Crossbow is one of the most lethal weapons in the garden, proving that it doesn't have to be an artillery gun to be deadly. It fires a fast, piercing arrow of light, and reloads automatically. Unfortunately, Duncan doesn't have the best aim, mostly because he's using it with one hand, the other holding his shield, the crux immissa quadrata. The crossbow is reliant on his emotions; the calmer and more secure with his sense of justice he is, the more powerful it is. Because of his stubborn but calm personality, it is usually a one hit kill. However, Yuu was able to survive it after making Duncan doubt that his intentions were righteous and totally lose it.

The Crux Immissa Quadrata is a green shield with a red Greek Cross (all arms are equal length) on it. It has the ability to block all dark attacks, and Duncan often uses it as a club to knock people out. It was knocked out of his hand when Yuu used a light-element attack on it, with her Knight Solar Gun.

Intelligence Edit

Duncan has average smarts. He can stir up a crowd, he can rally some Hero Chao, but that's about it. Duncan is mostly just a dumb guard who likes his job a bit too much.

Tropes Edit

Knight Templar- OH YES. He even has the red cross.

Revenge- His motivation, shared with the motivation of most Hero Chao, gussyed up with the fancy name "Justice".

Moral Event Horizon- Probably the moment he shot Lusk.

Bodyguard Crush- Or rather, he became a bodyguard because he had a crush on Hannah, like pretty much every guy in Hero Gardens at the time. It became his full-time occupation.

Light Is Not Good- It shoots you dead.

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