Hariae is a character from ZEUS: Zombie Elimination Unit Six. He is the Second-In-Command at ZEUS. He isn't human, but an intelligent species called the

Hariae as he appeared when first introduced. Known as his "larval stage."

Nolat. He's one of only three members of the ZEA that aren't human to reach a rank higher than Lieutenant. He joined ZEUS eight years earlier in hopes to hel

p destroy the zombies to protect his people. The Nolats are in such danger of extinction because of their low resistance to the zombie virus and unlike most species, won't become zombies if bitten but will simply die.

Character Outline Edit

Hariae is a Nolat. He first appears as a red, slug-like creature that was only a foot or so tall. During a mission on Quellos Island, he went through metamorphosis

into a three foot tall demon-like creature or a Demi Nolat, saying that Nolats change drastically in appearance through their ages like frogs. He refers to the slug-like form as his "larval form." Nolats are surprisingly powerful considering how close to extinction they are. They can shoot lasers from their eyes and after larval form, they can breathe fire and fly. After metamorphosing, he went into a much larger form, known as the Super Demi Nolat, which is a monstrous demon-like creature which attacked anything that moved until being defeated by an also morphing Kairon. Hariae is one of the most intelligent members of ZEUS and arguably the most reasonable of the higher ranking officers. He is usually the one to break up fights the other members might into peacefully, whereas Corvae or Shikkun more often try to beat sense into the aggressors.

Plot Overview Edit

Hariae is first introduced when Shikkun lets the new recruits into ZEUS, being the one to open the doors. He also oversees the exams with Shikkun and Corvae. He is the main obstacle of the new recruits in their raiding of Corvae's food stash. He
Demi Hariae

Hariae after metamorphosing. Now a Demi Nolat.

is defeated by a trap that involved a zombie hand, a box, and smoke bombs. On the mission to the Walled City, he leads Rob Tleak, Henry Matiks, and Kim Lao to the eastern side of the city. Their side of the mission is the one that introduces Kardon Deus Giada, Hyunseo Lao, and Luna. On the mission to Quellos Island, he transforms into a Super Demi Nolat and attacks and destroys Waltuk's village, defeated by the other members of ZEUS. He later defeats Kinzo after he removes his Bloodbeard disguise.