Inifir Edit

Inifir is a noble in the Netherworld, and is one of four spirits that watches over the gateway into the Netherworld. Unlike most spirits, she still retains a somewhat humanoid shape, resembling a brunette with a white ghost bandana around her head. She wears white and purple robes, although below the waist they twist into a tail. A black eye is set into her chest, and it is believed that her power originates from this eye. She is friends with Patchy, and, therefore, a friend of Yuu, despite the fact that Yuu barely knows of Inifir's existence. She possesses the ability to manipulate lesser spirits to form different shapes, but judging from a conversation between Inifir and Patchy in which Inifir mentions changing Patchy's color, it could be possible that shapeshifting might be only the tip of the iceberg. She has appeared in Mission: Chao Retry alone, and has yet to make an appearance in another RP.

Tropes Edit

Authority Equals Asskicking- Inifir is able to take on Chaos, using the spirits of the dead to power her. This ability is because she is a high-ranked undead.

What Measure Is A Non Human- Subverted. Inifir isn't human (or, the main sentient being of the RP) and considers others to be inferior.

Hellgate- What Inifir is apparently supposed to guarding.

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