Kairon Hitotsuu is a character in the ZEUS: Zombie Elimination Unit Six RP.

Character Outline Edit

Kairon joined ZEUS wanting to help rid the world of the zombie infestation. Kairon is 17 at the start of the RP and 18 at the finish (his birthday is within the just over month that the story takes place), and is a Sakkamasu, as he finds out later in the story. Kairon was saved from Kainakage's Sakkamasu orphanage by Shikkun,

although Shikkun didn't know who he was when he met him at ZEUS. He lived with an adoptive mother in the Walled City from the time Shikkun saved him to the time he joined ZEUS. Kairon is sometimes responsible for certain mischeif around ZEUS. He implimented the other new recruits into raiding Corvae's personal stash of food. During a mission to the Walled City, he was bitten by a zombie and became infected. His Sakkamasu blood affected by the zombie virus has strange consquences for Kairon. Examples are he becomes almost psychotic, at one point threatening to kill Hyun Lao, but not rememering it just minutes later, or the fact that his wounds, even greusome or seemingly fatal ones, will heal in a matter of just minutes. When turning into a zombie, he becomes ruthless and can't control his abilities, shown by a blade of blue crystal forming on his right arm. He has strong affection for Mint Celsius.

Plot Overview Edit

The first part of Kairon's life is shrouded in mystery. His true parents and when and where he was born are completely unknown. At some point he was taken to Kainakage's Sakkamasu orphanage for one reason or another and was grabbed away by Shikkun before ever entering the doors. He grew up with his adoptive mother, who moved around for various reasons. He joined ZEUS at age 17 and was accepted to become a somewhat low-ranking officer. He ranks low because of his imaturity, but is kept somewhat high because of Corvae's interest in his Sakkamasu ability. During the mission to the Walled City, Kairon became infected when a zombie bit him. Since then he's been mentally unstable, even threatening Hyun Lao's life but not remembering having done so afterward. It also gives him the ability to heal at unbelievable speeds, even normally mortal wounds. He began entering his superior form and defeated Hariae when he became a Super Demi Nolat.