Name: Kunrai
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Species: Noddie
Alignment: Neutral Good
Personality: Like all noddies, she tends to take quick naps constantly. Likes to have everything perfect and orderly, and lashes out at anything that isn't. Easily irritated.
Appearance: Purple hair comes out from under her hat, in a pigtail in the back but still long in front, and she wears large round glasses. Typically has a fountain pen in her mouth. She'd be holding it, but she doesn't have arms.
History: Vidar's assistant, and calculated all of the budget and various other things. At Esper's Tomb, she found a pair of glasses called the Precision Specs, which automatically measure everything she sees. After Nathan destroyed the camp, she got a job as a mathematician, but took a vacation to try and save Dreamland from Dedede's food stealing rampage.


  • Offensive- Fountain Pen: A modified fountain pen designed for combat. It's extremely strong, the tip is sharp enough to slice, it contains an exchangeable poison cartridge, and can fire out a long spiked chain. It can even write.
  • Defensive- Precision Specs: Measure everything she sees.


  • Skills- Mathematics: Kunrai is a genius when it comes to numbers. Although the glasses provide her with measurements, she preforms all of the calculations for her precise attacks and strategies in her head.
  • Weapon Techniques
    - Kunrai Tornado: A move that must be preformed with a warpstar. She flies in, jumps at a spinning angle, releases the spiky chain of the fountain pen, and spins around furiously.- Kunrai-Garen Tornado: Same as Kunrai tornado, only instead of a warpstar, Garen uses his light boots for the necessary propulsion.


  • Strengths
    - Can preform intense calculations in her head in a second, even predicting the precise amount of time she'll need to win a fight (provided she's gathered the necessary information about her opponent).- Poison can slow down enemies pretty quickly.
  • Weaknesses
    - Takes quick naps periodically.
    - Tends to piss off a lot of people.- Her calculations are usually incorrect if she doesn't have the necessary info; for example, she'll still be surprised if someone whips out a new move or something comes out of nowhere.


- Garen (Friend, former co-worker)
- Louis (Friend, former co-worker)
- Hubert (Friend, former co-worker)
- Vidar (Friend, ex-boss)- Nathan (Enemy, former co-worker)