Faction: Neutral

Species: Unknown species of demon

Gender: Female

Age: 156

Birthday: March 15th

Appearance: In her demon form, Tulia is a 10 foot tall gaunt old hag with pale gray skin and two small horns in her forehead. Her eye sockets constantly ooze a bizarre black discharge. In her human form, Tulia is a middle-aged Japanese woman with large goggle-like sunglasses, and usually wears a black suit and sometimes a large black hat.

Personality: Tulia is a capricious asshole who delights in screwing with people and playing mindgames with beings who could annihilate her in an instant. Everything she does she does for fun, and to test the limits of her skills in manipulation. She deliberately handicaps herself frequently, and despite having an entire country and army at her disposal, refuses to use any more magic or power than is necessary. When she destroyed Lord Dmiter and usurped his rule, she did so with her telepathy network power, two illusion potions, several well-placed bribes, an ornate dagger, and a bottomless can of beans. In some ways Tulia tries to take after Lord Mortem, and rewards those loyal to her greatly while quickly punishing any resistance among her subjects, often publicly. Her nation is run through a combination of free education and paralyzing fear.

History: Tulia graduated from St. Judas' University in Impending Doom City with her Seerorate when she was 35 years old (which is young for a demon). Her thesis was on the principle that would eventually lead her to invent the Perception Filter spell, but one of her professors aimed to steal her work and publish it under his name. Once that professor's office burned down with him tied down inside it, Tulia published the work herself, and quickly began making a huge share of money for the convenient and useful disguise. With a plethora of psychic and clairvoyant abilities and a massive amount of funds, Tulia immediately decided to put them to good use conquering city after city, until she finally attained enough power for the title of "Demon Rex". In the past 10 years she has been extending her influence to Earth,setting up front businesses in several key hot spot locations, with the latest being in Nishiyama, set up a month after the Demon Lord was revived there. A coincidence? Surprisingly, yes.

Somewhere along the line she saw something she shouldn't have and was horribly cursed with a magical blindness that robbed her of most of her seer abilities.


- Extensive knowledge of magic

- Huge prick


- Mystic Perception: Though Tulia is blind, she can partially compensate with her ability to sense the presence of magic around her.

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