Name: Lurikan "Limbo" Provicedge

Faction: Evil

Species: 1/4 Infernal, 1/4 Incubus, 1/4 Human, 1/4 Imp

Gender: Male

Age: 439

Appearance: In his normal form, Limbo appears as a vaguely European man in his 20's or 30's. His true form is very similar, but with small horns on his forehead and a glowing, orange tint to his skin, with his veins glowing bright red. In either form, Limbo is usually found dressed pretty formally, usually in a suit of some kind. He also wears either a bowler or a fedora (the latter less often nowadays to avoid looking like a hipster). Most people who see him would describe him as fairly good-looking.

Personality: Limbo is a conceited guy who cares quite a bit about his appearance. He makes a point to dress in what he regards to be the most stylish outfits. He also makes sure to keep himself shaved, with his hair cut to what he believes to be its best appearance, and even keeps his fingernails trimmed down and polished.

History: Limbo was born sometime after the Demon Lord's death, but was always told to regard him as a king. Limbo looks up to Mortem as a fallen hero who would one day return to lead the demons. All of his relatives were killed in war.

Limbo has been living on Earth, among humans, for around 250 years. He has traveled considerably, never stopping for too long to avoid any kind of suspicion. Despite his dislike for them, he's learned to live among and blend in with humans.

Skills: Limbo is good at sketching things and has a great memory. He can also dance like nobody else's business.

Magic: Limbo specializes in a type of insect found only in the demon realm, a type of bioluminescent beetle that serve as remote spies to he and, formerly, his family. These were also volatile and tended to explode violently when forced to by the right magic, which Limbo's family also used.

Unfortunately for Limbo, these beetles are not available on Earth and, for unknown reasons, cannot survive the trip there from the demon world. Luckily for Limbo, his magic still works on earthly insects and still gets the benefit of being able to spy. He is also able to control swarms of them, since earthly insects are more easily manipulated and come in much greater numbers and variety. On the other hand, the explosions caused by these insects are nowhere near as violent as with the demon world beetles; as opposed to outright bombs, these explosions are more like small firecrackers.

Limbo also has methods of controlling fire, although has no more impressive abilities than simple fireballs.

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