Marcus is an angelic-like figure that appears to be the leader of the Bounty Hunters, at least in Renegade. He refers to Louis Dwayne as his brother, and doesn't seem to age between Recollections of an Eyeball and Renegade.

While Marcus weilds incredibly powerful destructive magic, enough to take down Louis' strongest golem with ease, he has somewhat of a technological affinity. By the time Renegade rolls around, his battle technology is powerful enough to make his magic obsolete, which he now only uses to combat Louis. Although he talks extremely informally, Marcus is adept at military and economic strategy. Immortality helps.

Marcus has a distaste for magic and for time travel on a general basis. His robotic suit is made primarily from the ruins of Tharuks' robotic house from Mirror World Rescue, complete with energy-draining robotic tentacles, Mecha Kracko's eye (along with his AI and lightning powers) and laser blasters. The outer shell is made from the same metal alloy as Yggdrasil.

Recollections of an EyeballEdit

Marcus seems to be in cahoots with Esper, along with Starsky. Though Esper has an army of mannequin soldiers and magical monsters, Marcus is in charge of a human army. Marcus' forces are needed to operate the Godslayer, a legendary sword that causes magic to vanish around it, and is useful for taking down deities that would oppose Esper's rule.

In addition to providing the anti-god secular army, Marcus helps with strategizing and training the troops, as well as managing the budget for the operation and providing weaponry.


In Renegade, Marcus seems to be one of the most powerful antagonists so far, and throughout the RP his robotic suit increases in sophistication and power. While he is the captain of the bounty hunters, he is also the C.E.O. of Head Hunters Inc., a company that buys out law enforcement in many dimensions to replace them with a bounty system, and slowly takes over governments by increasing their dependency on the company.

He plans to take the Godslayer, reinitiating a plan started back in his days alongside Esper, only this time he's doing it alone.


Order Versus Chaos- Marcus is order, Zyon is chaos.

Light Is Not Good- Yes

Good Is Not Nice- Could be this, depending on your point of view. His goals change between Recollections and Renegade.