Name: Naoki Kurosawa

Faction: Neutral

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 15 years old

Birthday: March 22nd

Appearance: An imposing figure who stands at exactly 6’0”, which is unusually tall for his age. He is lean, but powerful nonetheless. He has short hair, the same dark color as his sister’s. His dark eyes are constantly flitting around, like a criminal’s, and his face is thin and mean-looking. Like other members of the yakuza, his back is branded with an enormous tattoo which proves his allegiance to the group – though he hides it to avoid attracting unwanted attention.

Personality: A vulgar youth who prefers to keep to himself, but is not afraid to speak his mind. Like his sister, he has a strong sense of justice, though his idea of justice is far more black and white, and unlike Tsukiko, who hesitates to cut down adversaries and regards killing somebody as an unspeakable crime, Naoki is ruthless in pursuit of his goals and will resort to any means necessary. He is bitter and resentful about not having the opportunity to use the ancestral sword himself, and considers his sister weak, both in combat and in character, and therefore unfit to wield Black Frost.

History: The second and youngest child of the Kurosawa family. Being the youngest, he received no magic power and was deemed unfit to use the ancestral sword; both of these facts, the latter in particular, made him vengeful, jealous and spiteful of his elder sister, who was the real hero. Though he was trained in combat, he was only to replace his sister should she die, which caused him endless grief. Eventually, he learned that in the past, siblings have slaughtered each over over the sword – usually for gain but occasionally the eldest would kill off the younger siblings to stomp out any possibility of backstabbing. Having learned this, he decided to join the yakuza for access to weapons to get the job done, and set out to kill Tsukiko during Golden Week, though his plan was foiled by Jessica and Ichiro, who happened to be in the area at the time.


- Combat mastery: Like Tsukiko, he was trained in combat under his grandfather's watchful eye, though he was never given as much attention, as he was only to take Tsukiko's place should she be killed in a fight. He's also been given a wide range of weapons from the yakuza. He still hasn't been able to try them all out yet.

Magic: The ability to use ice magic is only passed down to the eldest son or daughter of the sword’s previous owner; because of this, Naoki has no innate magic.

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