Sharp Scales is a collaborating group of reptiles, mostly situated within the QftGH universe. They're a mafia-like organization, usually dealing in acquiring food and such supplies from other non-member reptiles, and it helps them to defend against predators.

Sharp Scales also sponsors the Guild of Noble Thieves, providing food and supplies in exchange for payment, use of their facilities and protection. This is why reptiles are constantly crawling in and out of the holes on the bottom of the walls of the main hall. Though they try and avoid it, Sharp Scales occasionally interferes in their affairs.

All reptiles in Sharp Scales know some form of magic. Ranking in Sharp Scales is based on size; the bigger the reptile, the higher up they are. All reptiles in Sharp Scales can talk in Lizardspeak, represented in green text, which is the universal language for most reptiles.

Known Members Edit

Rizzy Edit

A Chameleon with the power to speak, read, and write any language or code. While he lacks combat skills, he's the main reptile used for communicating with non-reptiles, and other such matters of diplomacy. It's not part of his job to act as an assistant to Zyon like he does in Renegade, he does so of his own convictions.

Vidar Edit

A Green Anole that's very skilled in Soulmancy. He was a member a couple hundred years ago, when the organization was first starting out, but because of John Esper, he was away for a long time. After his home town was destroyed, he was forced to rejoin due to financial issues. Because of his human form, Vidar is often used to communicate with humans. However, because of his small size, despite the fact that he's one of the most powerful reptiles he's also one of the lowest ranked.

Biyugh Edit

An as-of-yet unrevealed reptile of apparently very high rank. Only mentioned by Zyon once, but it was enough to get Vidar to back down.

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