Shikkun is a character from ZEUS: Zombie Elimination Unit Six.

Character Outline Edit

Shikkun is a soldier in the sixth ZEA base. He is third in rank at the base, technically making him a Lieutenant. He is a massive man with scars all over his body from his years of being a bounty hunter, which he's been since age 14. He joined ZEUS at age 25 and quickly rose in rank in his five years there. Before he was a bounty hunter, Shikkun lived in the Sakkamasu orphanage. He was apparently a big brother to the currently known Sakkamasu, such as Kinzo and Kado. He was especially close to Raitenshi and Tsukekyoosha. It's unknown how long Shikkun lived at the orphanage or how he came to live there. He left with Raitenshi after he witnessed Kainakage murder Tsukekyoosha in a move that stole his Sakkamasu ability and drained him of life. On his way out, Shikkun killed two men and grabbed a young Sakkamasu from them, finding out later that it was [[Kairon Hitotsuu]]. When he left, he dropped Kairon off at a house, whose lone resident became his adoptive mother to the day he joined ZEUS. Shikkun apparently had to leave Raitenshi, but the exact details of their parting are unknown. When Shikkun left, Kainakage brainwashed the other Sakkamasu using either his ability or the ability of another Sakkamasu into thinking that Shikkun was evil and it was actually him who had killed Tsukekyoosha. Shikkun is a loud man who often beats sense into those who show little. He is the pilot of the Red Robin and often refers to the ship as his 'baby.'

A concept drawing of Shikkun.

Plot Overview Edit

Shikkun is the first character to be addressed by name in the entire story. He leads the new recruits into ZEUS. Shikkun oversees the recruiting exams with Hariae and Corvae. Shikkun goes with Corvae's team in the Walled City mission. He inflicts a massive amount of damage on the bikers before being subdued by Chuck's mech. During the mission to Quellos Island, he reunites with three Sakkamasu, Kado, Kinzo, and Kuraito. He explains his past as a Sakkamasu and his connection to Kairon. He is currently fighting zombified man-eating plants.