The Sloth Robot is a large machine found on the Moon. It has a large bases with a hole in the back and a conveyor belt around it. It makes bombs and carries them across the conveyor belt. To destroy it, you must blow up a bomb inside it's base.

During Mission: Chao Retry, Rascal and Yurik traveled to the moon and found the Sloth Robot. As Rascal attempted to destroy it, the conveyor belt flund him into the wall and into unconscienceness. When Yurik tried to carry the bombs with his will-o-wisps to the base, it didn't hurt the robot. The Sloth Robot told him not to be lazy and bring the bomb in himself. Yurik protested angerly. But the Sloth Robot fell through the floor and crashed somewhere else on the Moon. Rascal and Yurik escaped.

Much later, The Chao with Book and Glasses found the machine in peices. He repaired the Sloth Robot. In return, the Sloth Robot shot him back home.

It is unknown what the Sloth Robot is going to do next.

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