Kirby wii

Star's avatar both on KRR and PDS for eternity and probably beyond.

Star Kirby (mostly commonly referred to as Star) is a Admin and longtime resident of PDS, since August 9th 2007, and the youngest member of the forum (before William/Hexor's brother came along). She is known for being extremely paranoid and hyper.

Star has not changed her avatar since first being on KRR and as well as on PDS.

Role PlaysEdit

The Project Dark Star RP was the first RP that Star ever joined, which is where she met pretty much everyone in the "PDS Gang". She was the one who asked one of the moderators on KRR to move the (completed) PDS RP to Curio's Museum, before it was subsequently deleted.

Star has made a number of RPs, two of which (Virus KOTS and Reunion, respectively) were not very successful due to lack of planning and plot. The other two are relatively new. Court Records: Shards of Truth is the first of these, being about a courtroom drama, based off of the Ace Attorney series. Ascension is the second RP. Star is the owner of this RP, and Xar is a simple underling. Ascension is based off of The World Ends With You, a video game in which characters fight for "survival".

Star has joined a majority of role-plays on PDS. In fact, the only RP Star has not joined is Chocolate Kirby's Mission: Chao Retry.


Star has many characters, which are used randomly and when the situation demands it. Like Aki, many of her characters are female, although Star is trying (and failing) to correct that.

Project Dark Star Series: Star, Kapu, Akari

Great Cave Offensive Revisited (KRR): Kindra

Ascension: Sonia Cantito, Kindra(AU), Bythos(AU)

ZEUS: Zombie Elimination Unit Six: Rylee Reid

Court Records: Shards of Truth: Skye Belu

No Boundaries: A variety of characters from different RPs.

The Yuudai Republic: Mia Paraskevi

Artificial Matter Warp: Sinstra

Other characters from discontinued RPs or other: Astra, Cynthia , Bythos , Kindra

Trivia Edit

  • Star is the youngest active member on PDS (AND PROUD OF IT!) Despite that, she has been called more mature than older members.
  • According to Aki, most of Star's characters are the "cold, distant" type, and Star is trying to correct that.
  • Star frequently visits the PDS chatroom on mIRC as simply "Star", and occasionally simply pops in and out if no one's online.
  • Star has been the subject of a few pairings, most notably WilliamxStar and less notably, XarxStar, and was not very happy about it. (EXTREME UNDERSTATEMENT)
  • In the dictionary, Star's picture is right next to the word paranoid.
  • The Kirby series, Pokemon, The World Ends With You, Trauma Center, and the Ace Attorney series are just a few games/series that she likes very much. (Although interest in the Kirby series has dropped slightly.)
  • Star tends to feel slightly squicky around romance.
  • She also has a burning hate for Twilight and anything to do with Twilight and did I mention Twilight?