The Chao with the Book and Glasses's name isn't revealed yet. He has very bog and thick glasses and carries a book that looks like an encyclopedia. He's a very smart Chao who knows a lot of things. His IQ could be higher than Yurik's but not enough is told about him to be sure. He mainly pops out of random places to give advise.

The Chao with the book and glasses is the only Neutral Chao not transformed during the war. To escape, he shot himself out of Dino's cannon and landed on the Moon. While there, he encountered the Sloth Robot and repaired it. In return, it brought him back to Chao Gardens.

On his return, he met the gang and explained reincarnating. Then, he left to an unknown place.

Tropes Edit

Nerd Glasses- One of his two defining characteristics.

Book Of Shadows- The book he carries contains lots of interesting information about things like Chaos and Reincarnation. And it blocks bullets.

Audience Sucker Punch- He has a fantastic adventure and all we get is a little exposition on it. Aw, I was expecting fanfiction.

No Name Given- I like to call him That Chao With The Glasses or Explanation Chao.