Name: Tim Locksley

Faction: Neutral

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 14 (first year)


Appearance: He's a bit tall for a 14-year-old. His short hair is reddish brown and his eyes are blue. He is slightly farsighted, so sometimes he wears glasses (with metal frames) if he's reading or working on something else close to his face. He wears the school uniform in what's basically a standard way, though it often seems a bit rumpled.

Personality: Generally friendly but can forget polite interaction rules if trying to figure out a puzzling phenomenon. Easily distracted if given new puzzles or challenges, especially if related to technology or building something. He will sometimes fiddle with a Rubik's Cube or other twisty-puzzle to relieve stress. History: Moved to Japan just recently, as a result of his family's decision that they needed to protect his sister. He's not entirely happy about this, but not particularly mad.

Skills: Very good with computers and most other technological things - though it's unclear whether this is just talent or an effect of his magic. He certainly puts effort into it. Best 'normal' school subject is math. Owns and can use an abacus.

Magic: He is capable of building objects that can't exist under normal laws of physics, like a perpetual motion machine or bag of holding - as long as he doesn't try to build something that time travels.

Robin LocksleyEdit

Name: Robin Locksley

Faction: Neutral

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 12


Appearance: The most remarkable thing about her appearance is her red hair. It's currently cut to slightly-lower-than-chin-length. Like her brother, she has blue eyes as well. Generally wears the uniform of her (middle?) school with a bit of protest, and usually some brightly colored accessory. When not in school her clothes tend to favor various shades of the color green.

Personality: (whatever I'll do this when I'm awake)

History: Semi-famous child rockstar, known as Rollin' Robin. Recently she's been getting mail and other stalker-y things from (presumably) creepy people. Her family decided the best way to shield her was to move to Japan and try to lie low for a bit. It's.... probably not going to work.

Skills: She can play the guitar and keyboard, as well as sing. She's also recently started to learn archery, though for what reason nobody knows.

Magic: She can (usually unintentionally) create spontaneous musicals.