Faction: ???

Species: Goblin

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Birthday: October 25th

Appearance: When not in disguise, Weiul is a 5'4" goblin; green skin, yellow eyes, pointed ears and fangs, two upwards-pointing tusk-like fangs in particular, an upturned pig-like nose, and only a couple hairs sticking out of his head. Despite being pretty young guy, he has what looks like a couple wrinkles in his forehead. He's a bit on the shrimpy side, as far as goblins go.

Personality: Weiul is scatterbrained, and he sometimes has difficulty focusing or deciding what to do. He's a bit slow-witted in general, and he can be pretty thick-skulled and imperceptive. When interacting with his peers, Weiul alternates between laid-back and pissed off, and he can't really muster an emotion most of the time other than yelling at people over minor grievances. He is fiercly loyal and dedicated to his service to the Goblin King, but is willing to cut corners and make money off the side if he doesn't see it as critical to the master plan. Prime minion material.

History: Weiul grew up as part of a Thieves' Guild in the Goblin capital, a band of thieves that lived in the shadows and worshiped mighty Dragons that drew power from their hoards of jewels. He bonded with another member, a goblin named Luvia, but eventually the Guild was found out by the Goblin King. Luvia escaped and was lost, but Weiul was captured, and the Goblin King offered all of the captured thieves an offer: join him or be executed. Most refused to serve him, but Weiul became the Goblin King's servant. After proving his loyalty and usefulness, Weiul was eventually upgraded to his vassal and trained as a ranger. A year ago Weiul was chosen to replace the ambassador to the Nishiyama Underground as a reward for service and some downtime, after the previous ambassador was stabbed in the throat for requesting a client resubmit paperwork they already submitted four times.

Skills: - Infallible Recall: Weiul can remember all information he's ever absorbed perfectly. I am absolutely certain to forget he has this ability.
- Levels in Thief: Weiul can walk silently, make himself unseen in shadows, utilize a dagger, pickpocket passerbys and run away quickly.
- Levels in Ranger: Weiul is accurate with a firearm and can take one apart and put it back together. He knows how to survive in the wilderness, tame a plethora of creatures magical or otherwise, and fight opponents much larger than him.

Magic: Like all pure-bred goblins, Weiul is incapable of personally casting magic.

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